B4-9 Business Breakfast Meeting

Today was my turn to give the “10 minute” presentation at the B4-9 breakfast networking group in Welwyn Garden City.  I try and get along most weeks because it’s a very active group, the company is good and, most importantly,  the breakfasts are excellent!

The Group’s website is here

The purpose of the “10 minute slot” is for members to profile themselves and their businesses.  I talked about how most people don’t know what solicitors do, what my firm does and how we try to help our clients, as well as some very basic background on employment law.  For those who couldn’t make it or couldn’t take notes, click here for my Powerpoint presentation, courtesy of Slideshare.  If anyone needs further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will be giving further presentations, this time on the theme of the use of social media in the workplace on the 14th May and 25th June at the City Business Library. The talks are aimed at businesses keen to explore the legal issues of social media in the workplace environment and they’re free!  Please contact me if you want more details.

Michael Scutt, Employment Solicitor 

Employment solicitor with Crane and Staples, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Blogger & writer. I like cycling, cricket, football and history.