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Jobsworth is having an identity crisis!

Having written this blog for almost two years I’ve just discovered that I’m not the only Jobsworth out here in cyber-space.  There’s another one who tweets under the name of Jobsworth.  Mr J P Rangaswami, who writes a very interesting blog called “Confused of Calcutta” on the subject of information and privacy in the digital age, and tweets on a wide variety of topics, has noticed some confusion when I tweet posts on this blog, because WordTwit sends out “New @ Jobsworth …” . This has caused a (very) few people to query why he’s started tweeting about UK employment law.  I tweet in my own name – @michaelscutt but blog as “Jobsworth by Michael Scutt” on employment law and on UK legal services deregulation as “There may be Trouble Ahead“.  To hopefully avoid any further problems I’ve amended WordTwit to now tweet “New @ Michael Scutt at Jobsworth“.

Therefore there’s really no need for confusion.  If it’s about employment law, it’s from this Jobsworth.  If it’s on  just about any other subject,  and it’s from @jobsworth it’s the other Jobsworth.  Simple.

 Jobsworth is having an identity crisis!   jobsworth

Michael Scutt, Employment Solicitor 

Employment solicitor with Crane and Staples, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Blogger & writer. I like cycling, cricket, football and history.

2 Responses to Jobsworth is having an identity crisis!

  1. Michael,

    Just thought I’d bring a couple of points to your attention.

    1. If I use the retweet (tweetmeme) option on your post it automatically fills in RT @jobsworth etc which would obviously be wrong.

    2. earlier this weekend when I retweeted another of your posts I used the share the knowledge option which opens it in twitter website. As I know you are on twitter I feel like it is polite to actually mention you in the tweet (it doesn’t do this automatically) at the time I was thinking you tweeted under your own name, so double checked and ended up retweeting the tweet you had made yourself. But as the tweet starts with Jobsworth I can understand the temptation people may have to stick an @ in front of the jobsworth if they want to give you credit. I would actually suggest that starting the tweets (for people using this method) with Michael Scutt.

    Just thought I’d just share, but I guess you should wait and see if you have any more problems on this front.

  2. Michael Scutt says:


    That’s really helpful. It sounds like a better way of going about it and I’ve put in a crafty edit to the above originla post. It’s not a major problem at the moment but may become so as I gain more Twitter followers.

    Many thanks

    All the best


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