Just Done It For Cancer Research

Just About to Cross the Finishing Line

Yes, on Saturday I ran 10k for Cancer Research at Hatfield House.  I made it round in 58.25 minutes without needing oxygen (well, apart from that freely available to everyone) or having to stop for a pee or a fag (I don’t do the latter in fact) or, heaven forbid, to walk.  Not bad for someone the wrong side of 40  and not the most assiduous of trainers either (I blame all this blogging).  1549 other people ran along a great course through lovely countryside.

I decided to run for two reasons: (1) to motivate myself to do more exercise and (2) to raise money for a good cause.  I guess a lot of other participants had the same idea, but there was also a highly personal angle to it for many.

Many people ran with badges on their backs which said “I’m running for …” and left a large blank space for filling in personal details; in many cases in remembrance of someone who had succumbed to the disease or, in others, to support someone who was fighting it.  One guy earned my admiration for writing “I’m running for my left testicle” –  serious respect due I think.

At about 8.5 km, when I have to admit my mind was wandering along very odd tracks, I saw one girl whose badge said she was running for “my two aunt Gertrudes”.  That struck me as odd: Gertrude is a pretty rare name and to have two seems even more unlikely.  Could it be that an ” Aunt Gertrude” is a slang name for a breast?  Can anyone enlighten me please?

I was pleased to see the finish line and to be met by my family, who had turned out en masse to offer support.  I was also delighted to raise (at the last count) £320 for the charity, thanks to the generosity of friends, family, business contacts and fellow tweeters: thank you all.

It’s not too late to donate if you want to.  Please see the link at the top right.

I’m going to keep running.

Michael Scutt, Employment Solicitor 

Employment solicitor with Crane and Staples, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Blogger & writer. I like cycling, cricket, football and history.