The Beecroft Report: The Twitter Response



Twitter, well the bits of it I frequent anyway, have been abuzz with comments on the leaked Beecroft report which proposes abolishing unfair dismissal in capability cases.  I blogged on it this morning – click here.

Amidst all the tweets announcing the news there were some interesting and amusing comments, which I’ve collected below.  Most tweets I have seen are against the plans, a few make the point that the real issue is one of management and a few support it.  This is only a brief snapshot and I didn’t set out to try and gauge public opinion, although it seems those in favour are in the minority.

Senior Lib Dem and unions condemn proposal to scrap unfair dismissal
Guardian politics


Unfair dismissal law protects people who've been dismissed UNFAIRLY. Anyone wanting to scrap that law, ipso facto, supports unfairness.
Gary Slapper


Lawyers slam government plans to restrict unfair dismissal claims
The Lawyer


RT @: Time to have a "protected conversation" and fire this govt without compensation? #ukemplaw
Joanna Martin


Economy will only recover if I am allowed to act outside the band of reasonable responses. #ukemplaw #fail (may contain satire)
Mrs Markleham


Govt. looking at scrapping unfair dismissal -one way of ending dispute about proposed Employment Tribunal fees. #ukemplaw
Kerry Underwood


Sacking employees is like doing housework - Should unfair disimissal laws be scrapped? - #ukemplaw
Matt Huddleson


Can everyone calm down please, this report will be scrapped #ukemplaw
Darren Smith


RT @: Great post! #hrblogs #ukemplaw RT @: Abolishing unfair dismissal will achieve nothing
Darren Newman


Instead of Compensated No Fault Dismissal we shd do more of what @ refers to as "Motivational Bollocking" #hr #ukemplaw
Archon Solicitors


Thing is, although the 'compensated no fault dismissal' is fiendish and wrong - I can at least see how it would work. #ukemplaw
Darren Newman


RT @: Thinks Mr Beecroft's report was leaked by the govt so planned increase to service requirement for UD appears a compro ...
Debbie Brooks




RT @: It's the Coalition's economic policies that are undermining growth, NOT unfair dismissal laws
Martin Hume


Now a new report commisioned by the PM suggest scrapping unfair dismissal completely for performance issues - what next David the workhouse?
Steve Ferns


PM wants to change rules for employer to chuck people out for being lazy. I agree, problem is define lazy- still be unfair dismissal claims
Lord Sugar


"I think unproductive workers should lose their right to claim unfair dismissal!" said Roberto Mancini to Carlos Tevez
Andy Todd


I hope EM goes on unfair dismissal stuff today. Cld be both toxic for govt and divisive for Tories. As well as being rather outrageous idea.
Hopi Sen


@ you'd be amazed what you have to do to actually get fired. Lazy scum are protected or it's 'unfair/constructive dismissal'


Unfair dismissal rule change would boost arse-kissing, enthuse employers ( #satire #humor #lol )
The Daily Satire


Call to ease unfair dismissal law -'s called 'Performance Management'. Do the job you're paid for


Unions condemn report calling for scrapping of unfair dismissal - The Guardian
UK Workers News


BBC reporting that changes to law unlikely. However, ET stats being misused again at bottom of article. #ukemplaw
Jamie Anderson

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