March 2012

Why Should Bosses Want Employees’ Facebook Details?

According to this article in Newstrack India there is a growing trend in the USA for employers to ask new potential new recruits in job interviews for their Facebook log-in details.   It may well not be illegal to make the request (although it may breach Facebook’s rules) but why on earth would an employer want to access an employee’s private Facebook account? The information revealed could well prove to be a poisoned chalice.

Mate, don't drink it.

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What do HR Professionals Think?


How should I presume to know? Well, some help was provided by the HR Professionals Survey, published by RTS Media in conjunction with Daniel Barnett last week. They polled 1460 HR subscribers to Daniel’s excellent employment update service and asked them various questions about employment law, to gauge their reaction.  Daniel then commented on the findings.

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Personal injury solicitor – fighting for your rights

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 A personal injury can result in a many different financial challenges and can add stress and worries when what you really need is to spend some time relaxing to recover from your injury. It can also be very hard to relax, especially the accident was someone else’s fault in the first place. However, the good news is that personal injury lawyers are there to help, with committed and talented legal firms who can sort out compensation for your personal injury.

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Stress at Work: No Change Following MacLennan

Stress at work is an issue that comes across many employment lawyers’ desks. It gets raised as an issue, rightly or wrongly, in many disputes between employer and employee and is often used by some employees to disrupt disciplinary and performance management proceedings brought against them.Some employers probably do not care how much work or aggravation they heap upon their workforce in the race to remain competitive and get the job done.

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