#GreatLegalBake 2016

I have been rediscovering an interest I long since forgot about: cookery or, more specifically, cake baking.  When I was a kid and also BWK (Before Wife and Kids) I did a lot more cooking and used to enjoy whisking up a quick cake or flapjack. Then  I got busy with other stuff; kids and family things in the main.  Also, blogging and social media until my circumstances changed and I left my City job and started working close to home.

What spurred me on to picking up mixing bowl and spatula again though was the #greatlegalbake event that we hosted in our office, to raise funds for WelwynHatfield CAB.  You can guess the formula, several people bake cakes and the rest pay money to eat them.  The proceeds then go to said worthy cause.  In an attempt to demonstrate to the ladies in our office that men are just as capable of baking a cake as  women, I bought some eggs and sugar and other stuff and baked a coffee and walnut cake.  The result wasn’t too bad; it was edible and looked like, well, a cake.  Round, not pancake flat and fairly light textured. This was it;

I made this!

I made this!

As you can see, a cake. With company logo and Citizen Advice Bureau branding.  It was eaten so can’t have been too bad.

However, my humble offering paled into insignificance compared with the other cakes created by my colleagues. This one by Lizzie Russell. I have never seen a tastier brief to Counsel;



Legal Cheek, the weekly source of gossip and other interesting news for the legal profession featured Lizzie’s cake in its piece on “Law-themed cakes sweep the country”. Under a strapline of “Who said lawyer’s weren’t creative?” they featured many marvellous looking cakes from all over the country. They also liked childcare lawyer Attia Hussain’s version of Jordan’s Family Law Practice;



That could help me conquer my distaste for family law.

Other cakes featured in the Legal Cheek piece centred on “Torts” and an inspired “Invitation to Treat”.  Lawyers with a sense of humour – who’d have thought it?  I bet they charge extra for that.

All the proceeds (over £600) will go to the Welwyn Hatfield Citizens Advice Bureau.  Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield Lynne Sparks and Charles Trinder, head of the local CAB had the daunting challenge of judging the winners.  There was a lot of cake to taste …




The winning bakers, with Mayor Lynne Sparks and Charles Trinder of Welwyn Hatfield CAB

The winning bakers, with Mayor Lynne Sparks and Charles Trinder of Welwyn Hatfield CAB

We do a fair amount of events, such as expos, award ceremonies, seminars etc, but nothing seems to guarantee a good turnout, or gets better publicity, than food.  I’m delighted we’ve helped our local CAB, who in turn can continue helping the poorest and most vulnerable in our community.

Michael Scutt, Employment Solicitor 

Employment solicitor with Crane and Staples, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Blogger & writer. I like cycling, cricket, football and history.