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The PHA1997 Resurrected?


Last week I got on an indecently early train and went to the Birmingham NEC for a one day employment law update course. In one day I finally got in the remaining six hours CPD I needed to keep practicing for a reasonable sum (*)

There were two main things I learned from the day. The first is that any train that costs only £10 each way from Watford Junction to Birmingham International is not going to be a nice, fast Pendolino with table, power socket and coffee on tap. No, it’s London Midland for you matey and it stops everywhere, about every ten minutes. Seats and windows yes; coffee no. Still it was cheaper to travel to Birmingham (about 100 miles away) than to London, which is only 25 miles from where I live.

Why Should Employers have a Social Media Policy?

[This is the follow up piece to my article “Social Media in the Workplace” published on this blog last Saturday and, originally, in The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers/Law 2.0]

In my last article I wrote about the potential threats that face employers from the use by employees of social media and recommended that businesses have a social media policy.

To recap, the main threats to an employer from misuse of social media are;

  1. Reputational damage
  2. Breach of confidentiality
  3. Time wasting
  4. Liability to third parties
  5. Liability to other employees and to prospective employees.

Seven Ways for Employers to Avoid Stress at Work Claims

Yesterday Ian Barratt of Mind Strengths Ltd published his “Seven Top Stress Management Tips for Employees”.  Today I am publishing my “top tips” for employers hoping to avoid claims for stress at work from being commenced against them.   

Seven Top Stress Management Tips for Employees



As promised last Monday, I am delighted today to welcome my first guest blogger, Ian Barratt (pictured, right) of Mind Strengths Ltd, to present his Seven Top Stress Management Tips on this third Monday of January, the allegedly most miserable day of the year. Ian is a qualified stress management consultant speaker and author.  His book “The Phoenix Strategy”, co-authored with Amanda Robinson was published last October.  Mind Strengths Ltd is a consultancy company offering workplace strress management , wellbeing and support services.  Tomorrow I will look at how employers can minimise the risk of being sued for stress at work by employees. 

Villainy afoot!

simply having a wonderful Christmas time ...

simply having a wonderful Christmas time ...

Everyone is producing reviews of the decade at the moment – they seem to be everywhere in the newspapers and online.  I was taken by The Independent’s sports poll in which Thierry Henry is a leading candidate for “Villain of the decade” for his recent handball against the Republic of Ireland, presumably on the basis that it is still fresh in everyone’s minds (and isn’t The Independent Irish-owned?).  That’s always the problem with these polls, it becomes hard to remember who the villains were in 2008, let alone 2000.