So You Think Your Job’s Bad?


Then think again. It could be a lot, lot worse. For instance, this morning (19th November – 35 shopping days to  Christmas) I saw Santa with a sandwich board advertising Dominos pizzas standing at a cross roads.

This prompted several questions, mainly from my 4 year old daughter who may still believe; such as “what is Santa doing standing there”, “why?” and “where are the reindeers?”.  My question was “what has Santa got to do with pizzas?”  Is it likely to make me rush out to Dominos and invest?  Unlikely and not just because I’m a food snob.

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Saturday Digressions



The Bribery Act probably doesn’t outlaw breakfast “networking” meetings that just happen to coincide with rugby matches and take place near a large TV screen.  I’m always very keen on that sort of networking. Invitations to all rugby, cricket and football matches accepted.

On the way to the said networking meeting you can listen to Lucy Kellaway’s excellent podcast called, appropriately enough “Listen to Lucy”.  I’ve only recently discovered them and they are great: short, amusing, pithy but always worth a listen. Lucy’s theme is usually the nonsense surrounding corporate life – buzzwords, mission statements, public announcements, research etc.  Her latest considers a recent report that says teddy bears may be a benefit in the boardroom.  You can listen by clicking here.

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Turkey Time

I couldn’t resist putting up this cartoon from yesterday’s Independent.  A Lib Dem supporter was on TV last night saying this will make his party stronger.  I can’t see it myself.  Poor old Vince wasn’t the only one caught out by the Telegraph’s undercover reporter – there must have been an outbreak of Mad Turkey disease, or perhaps the Lib Dems just want to be loved?

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Good News for a Change

It’s great news that the Chilean miners are finally being rescued – and quicker than was initially estimated.  It’s great to have a news story with a happy ending as well.

I saw this cartoon in the Daily Telegraph today and couldn’t resist reproducing it here;

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Appraisals: What’s the Point?

Now we’re getting into the silly season (following Midsummer Madness) and before the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness descend, my thoughts have been turning to those irritating features of work life that really annoy everyone.  The most obvious is that workplace institution that makes so many people cringe: the annual (or semi-annual) appraisal.  Has there ever been anything so universally privately detested that has so little positive value and yet it continues to exist in the majority of workplaces?  Lucy Kellaway, writing in The Financial Times last week argued that they serve no useful purpose and should be scrapped.

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Midsummer Madness

Madness by Rogier Van Der Weyden

When I initially thought of the theme for this round up the country was in the grip of travel chaos caused by an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano and BA cabin staff threatening to go on strike.  That’s all quiet now (for the time being) but midsummer madness abounds elsewhere, not least with the ritual post-mortem into England’s latest failure at the World Cup. Andy Murray gave Wimbledon his best shot but was found wanting. The druids, hippies and other odd-bods who really ought to have jobs to go to gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice and, perhaps, to mourn the likely continuing lack of a decent visitor centre serving a palatable vegetarian option.  Judging from the submissions received at blog carnival for this edition, some people misunderstood the nature of the RoundUp.  I could have included items such as “top 12 Fireman pin ups of 2010” or “10 great web resources for photographers” had they not been obviously spam.  More evidence(not that it is needed) of the madness of spam.  Why do it?

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Cartoon Time

I’m fond of cartoons, with Alex from the Daily Telegraph being my favourite.  Banx in the FT is usually very droll as well. Steve Bell in The Guardian always used to be good but I don’t read The Grauniad anymore.

Financial Times 8th June 2010

I saw this in the FT yesterday.  Could be very topical after the Budget.

Financial Times 9th June 2010

And from today’s paper – very true indeed.

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