#GreatLegalBake 2016

I have been rediscovering an interest I long since forgot about: cookery or, more specifically, cake baking.  When I was a kid and also BWK (Before Wife and Kids) I did a lot more cooking and used to enjoy whisking up a quick cake or flapjack. Then  I got busy with other stuff; kids and family things in the main.  Also, blogging and social media until my circumstances changed and I left my City job and started working close to home.

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By ‘eck it were tough …

Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted, stiff,  achy and feeling like you have just run a marathon?  That’s how I feel, mainly because on Saturday I did the equivalent of two marathons in one day.  Maybe not by running, but on a bike, a kayak and walking up the third highest mountain in England.  And it was tough, particularly the first sharp climb from Thirlmere Village up Helvellyn which is not far off vertical. I was doing Race the Sun in the Lake District,which was at the end of our holiday in Cumbria.

Dad's Barmy about to ride

Dad’s Barmy about to ride

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Raring to Go Again or Glutton for Punishment?



A week on Saturday, 31st August, I am doing Race the Sun for Action Medical Research.

It’s a charity challenge event which includes 50 miles of cycling, climbing the third largest peak in England (Helvellyn) and kayaking a course round Thirlmere. I did it last year … and survived. The weather was fairly kind to us last year, apart from the low cloud base at the top of Helvellyn which meant we didn’t get any sort of view at all. Being in the Lake District it could have been much worse.

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Just Done It!

And they’re off …


Last Saturday was the big day: Race the Sun in the Lake District. 50 miles of cycling, hiking up Helvellyn and canoeing round Thirlmere. I blogged about it a while ago and have been training for it ever since.It was a great day, a record breaking event with 90 teams of four people making it the biggest event in its 10 year history.  I was joined by  team-mates Nick Lofthouse, Erol Osman and Warwick Wyatt The weather was dry and cloudy but, unlike last year’s race, it wasn’t wet. The cycling was mainly on road, with just five miles of off-roading, which included a technical (which means nasty) descent into the Thirlmere valley.

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Race The Sun 2012


Given all the rain we’re having at the moment it may seem inappropriate to write about the Sun, but come the 1st September I hope he’ll have his hat on and if not playing, at least putting in an appearance. For on that day I will be cycling, walking and canoeing for charity in an event called “Race the Sun” in the Lake District.


Thirlmere from the top of Helvellyn

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