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Why Employment Law Reforms Will Harm Gender Equality in the Workplace

How do you achieve pay equality in the workplace between the genders?  David Cameron said in Parliament the other day that having more women in the boardroom would have a beneficial effect  – on what is not clear but I’m sure he’s right.  He was questioned in relation to excessive pay awards and bonuses to senior executives and I can’t see that women should be any less greedy than men, taken as a whole.  But perhaps his point was wider than that.

No More Flexible Friend?

This government is getting good at sticking the boot into employment legislation without then actually doing much about it.  It’s time in office has been characterised by reviews over this and that – civil justice, legal aid, red tape – as well as reforming employment tribunal practice and procedure.  The supposed “gold-plating” of Euro-legislation is to be reviewed and there is even talk of limiting discrimination awards.  Now the latest emanations from the corridors of power suggest that not only may plans to extend flexible working to all workers and to extend maternity and paternity pay be scrapped but the existing rights might be rolled back. . Let’s hope that it is just another kite being flown round Whitehall and Westminster to be allowed to fall quietly and gracefully to the ground when no one is looking.