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Webinar: How to Raise Your Lawfirm’s Profile post-ABS

Poppy in a Wheat Field

Raising Your Profile in the Post – LSA Marketplace


Wednesday 6th July 2011 5.30pm – 6.30pm


With Alternative Business Structures (ABS) on the way, competition for legal services promises to become fiercer.  There are plenty of  solicitors out there offering a quality, friendly and accessible service but what differentiates your practice? Standing out from the crowd will be essential for the survival of your business, but how do you do it?

Join me and media strategist Michelle Drapeau for a FREE 1 hour webinar to help you raise your business profile.

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Internet Marketing Training Workshop

Future First, a London based web design agency are running a series of one day Internet Marketing Training Workshops over the next few weeks near Old Street.  The course covers the use of social media in the business environment, SEO, Blogging  and Twitter.  I went on the course last year and fond it very informative.

Future First also redesigned this blog for me last year and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who wants an entry level introduction to the topic.  The course costs £500 + VAT but that can be reimbursed under the Train 2 Gain Leadership and Management Grant, if you qualify.

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Combating Tesco Law: Prepare your Brand Presence

How prepared are you for the Legal Services Act?

Gateway Media are a very accomplished media agency with some blue-chip clients.  I was therefore delighted to be invited to speak on the 2nd March at the above workshop about the Legal Services Act 2007 and the implications for lawyers.  I will be taking a look at the Legal Services Act and its main provisions in a talk entitled “The Legal Services Act Explained“.  The introduction of Alternative Business Structures is now only a year away.

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