Human Resources

What Can You Ask in Job Interviews?

At the moment, my esteemed and beloved wife, Mrs Jobsworth is recruiting.  She works for a large corporate in a finance role.  She needs to take on someone for a role to report in to her.  We got talking about the guidelines her HR department has given her about what should not be asked of candidates.

Now, she knows (and wouldn’t) ask a woman if she had children or had plans in that direction. Neither would she ask a man the same question and with  shared parental responsibility on the horizon many more men may want to avail themselves of the opportunity to be involved in the early months of their children’s lives meaning that the whole workforce may, at some stage, be liable to .  That is certainly the intention behind the government’s Modern Workplaces consultation process.

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What do HR Professionals Think?


How should I presume to know? Well, some help was provided by the HR Professionals Survey, published by RTS Media in conjunction with Daniel Barnett last week. They polled 1460 HR subscribers to Daniel’s excellent employment update service and asked them various questions about employment law, to gauge their reaction.  Daniel then commented on the findings.

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