Silly Season

Happy New Year



Like many people (but not by any means the usual working population if the crowd density on my train this morning) I’ve come to work after the Christmas break, refreshed and raring to go.  Well, no, but I’m here anyway.

I took a complete break from employment law over Christmas so if anything incredible has happened (government U-turn on employment law reform? Tax free amount payable on redundancy increased from £30,000 to £300,000? Vento awards uprated again?) I have missed it. Whilst I’m getting up to speed here are some random musings on stuff, the froth on the top of the cappucino if you like, before getting back into the real thing.

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It was today announced that the Coalition Government, following consultation with the Institute of Directors has decided to consult on a new means of resolving workplace disputes,

Fast Track Dispute Resolution – But is it Justice?

The scheme has been trialled in the United States where it has proved to be instrumental in reducing the amount of employment related litigation.  It is said to be the most successful method of Alternative Dispute Resolution ever seen and both David Cameron and George Osborne are known to be giving it careful consideration.  Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, was not available for comment.

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Should Clarrie be Sacked Pt.II

The villain of the piece


Please forgive me for writing a second post on “Clarriegate” but leaving aside the actual issues of who what when etc, it occurred to me that the main focus of this story, to my mind anyway, is how a business can recover from a devastating blow like this. Is it possible at all and if they can survive will they have to rebrand to distance themselves from the “old business”?.

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Should Clarrie be sacked?


Listeners to The Archers will know that, finally, there is a really good story line being played out at the moment. The Ambridge Organic Dairy, purveyors of ice-cream, cheese and yoghurt run by the terminally wet Tony and insufferably smug Pat Archer (Pol Pat to listeners)has been hit by an outbreak of ecoli, which infected several people at a Country Fair, including two small children who have been hospitalised as a result.

Ambridge Organic faces ruin as a result, not just from having their products taken off sale everywhere but from the prospect of being sued by the victims. Couldn’t happen to nicer (fictitional) people.

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Sitting Down Might Kill You (especially if you’re a Woman)

Are you sitting comfortably? It could be the death of you… especially if you are an office-based woman


I was very interested to learn at the weekend, from no less an authority than the Daily Mail, of a potential new type of claim that could be made against employers.

In the article published on Saturday, the Daily Mail reported that a research piece published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that sitting down was bad for you – particularly if you’re a woman.

According to the report;

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