The Apprentice

The Apprentice Gets the Wrong Headlines


This week is National Apprenticeship Week, which in an unhappy coincidence of timing follows on directly from “Ex-Apprentice’s Week” last week.  Last Tuesday The Guardian and others reported on “The Apprentice” Series 6 winner Stella English’s Employment Tribunal appointment with Lord Sugar. She complained that she had been treated as an “overpaid lackey”, her job was a sham and there was nothing for her to do. She claims to have only met the great man five times during her tenure, firstly with Viglen and then You-view, both Sugar group companies.  Her contract was not renewed and she brought proceedings for constructive unfair dismissal. For some acerbic comments by Darren Newman on English’s case read here.

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Friday musings: The Apprentice

My resolution for Lent was to give up TV, or more particularly, crap TV or, more particularly still, I declared that I wasn’t going to watch this series of  The Apprentice.  Two weeks in I’ve failed miserably and watched both episodes.  I’m going to blame my wife because she has charge of the remote control and must be obeyed, even when the England match is on the other side, but that really isn’t wholly fair. 

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