UKBR#11 – Take Five


Take Five – Dave Brubeck

The pattern in the last ten UK BlawgRound Ups has been to take a look at the UK blawging scene, writing about the bloggers blog blog blogging away. In UKBR#10 Charon QC wrote the most comprehensive review of UK blawgs that we’ve had so far, comprising four episodes and podcasts and covered just about every Blawg that there is or ever has been. There would be little point in trying to repeat the exercise after such a short period of time or hope to do so with Charon’s level of thoroughness and care.  Instead, in this my third UKBR, I want to take a more in-depth look at just a few blogs that I particularly like. Take Five, and it gave me an excuse to link to the first jazz album I ever bought.

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Midsummer Madness

Madness by Rogier Van Der Weyden

When I initially thought of the theme for this round up the country was in the grip of travel chaos caused by an unpronounceable Icelandic volcano and BA cabin staff threatening to go on strike.  That’s all quiet now (for the time being) but midsummer madness abounds elsewhere, not least with the ritual post-mortem into England’s latest failure at the World Cup. Andy Murray gave Wimbledon his best shot but was found wanting. The druids, hippies and other odd-bods who really ought to have jobs to go to gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice and, perhaps, to mourn the likely continuing lack of a decent visitor centre serving a palatable vegetarian option.  Judging from the submissions received at blog carnival for this edition, some people misunderstood the nature of the RoundUp.  I could have included items such as “top 12 Fireman pin ups of 2010” or “10 great web resources for photographers” had they not been obviously spam.  More evidence(not that it is needed) of the madness of spam.  Why do it?

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News from Jobsworth

I haven’t blogged much on here recently, partly because of being busy at work but also because I have been setting up two other blogs and a podcast.

The first blog – ukblawgroundup – I’ve mentioned on here before.  This is the name of the blog carnival for UK Lawyers which reviews the UK legal blogging scene.  The next edition is published on the 31st March, with submissions due by 17th.  Peninsulawyer will be hosting it.

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A while ago I wrote the first post in the UK Lawyers Blog Carnival – the Blog of Blogs, now renamed UKBlawgRoundUp.

Tessa Shepperson and I have just set up a blog for this carnival and it can be found at

The next edition will be published, by Peninsulawyer on 31st March.  There is a link on the new blog to the submissions page. If you’re a UK legal blogger, or writing about the UK legal scene, we want to hear from you!

We renamed it to give it a snappier title and setting up its own blog was the ideal thing to do.

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It’s not Blawg Review



Blog of blogs 

By supporting each other we raise the profile of us all      

Edition No.1


This is the first edition of the UK Lawyers Blog of Blogs and has nothing to do with the esteemed Blawg Review from across the pond.  Originally I planned to produce this blog carnival for the end of October, but got rather busy at work and home and the timescale slipped somewhat.  So, what was planned to be an Autumn review of the blogging scene has become a New Year review instead.  That’s no bad thing because the Christmas period has brought out some cracking posts and I finally have the time to do some serious blogging.  Unfortunately, sitting in front of the laptop isn’t helping my Resolution to lose weight by becoming more active and only increases my calory intake. Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything but temptation and there’s always room for one more mince pie, after that last turkey sandwich, when doing some serious surfing of the UK legal scene.    Reader, how I have suffered researching and writing this.            

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