Just been made redundant? Don’t forget …



If your employment has just ended,  not just for redundancy but for any reason, did you sign a compromise agreement? Perhaps you entered into a COT3 via ACAS to settle the dispute?

If you did there’s a good chance you will have signed up to a clause that says;

“You shall not at any time after the termination of your employment represent yourself as  being interested in or employed by or in any way connected with [name of ex-employer]”

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Enforcing Unfair Dismissal Awards Part II

Send the boys round?

So, the Employment Tribunal (ET) agreed you had been unfairly dismissed.  They award compensation for unfair dismissal in your favour.  Then your former employer doesn’t pay up.    In a recent post I wrote about how the ET won’t consider whether the employer can pay the award.  So what happens if the employer can’t or won’t pay? What can you do? How do you get your money?

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